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Image by Gianni Crestani from Pixabay

This story will be nothing more than an analogy for most of us, but I believe that the power of the story is in its very strength as an analogy. It was shared with me by my girlfriend (let’s call her Eve), who felt that this was the truest way to determine if you were compatible with someone; and though she shared it as a warning of something no couple should do (unless they were brave as hell), I took it as a challenge.

We were on a lake in the mountains of Oregon when she told me this story. She was on her paddle board, and I was in a kayak. Since we both had limited experience on our “flotation devices” we were both enjoying the adventure thoroughly. As we paddled over towards one shore, she chose to tell the story of a canoeing adventure with her ex-husband. …


Mathew Birchard

Purveyor of love, beauty, poetry, intellectualism, philosophy, and science. My specialty is a lack of specialization. Enjoy.

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